The steps for adding a product to an Auto-pay appointment are as follows:

From Zenoti Web POS

  1. The front desk sees the appointment for Julia on the selected date and time.
    The appointment block shows the Auto-pay icon indicating that the guest has Auto-pay enabled. 

2. Julia enters the center and checks-in to her appointment either from the
CMA, the Kiosk, or from the front desk.

3. Julia’s saved card is authorized as soon as she checks-in to her
appointment. For example, if Julia booked an appointment for a Balinese
Massage that costs $100.00 and if she configures 10% as her tip, the card will
be authorized for a total amount of $110.00 ($100.00 + $10.00 ).
4. Julia decides to purchase a Keratin Shampoo on her way out.

5. The front desk opens the appointment context menu, and selects Take
Payment option.

This opens the Auto-pay invoice.

6. Front desk enters the following information in the product section of the invoice:

  • Product (Name): Start typing the product name, and from the suggestions, select the product that the guest wants to buy.

  • Quantity: Type the number of units of sale. Zenoti auto fills the price and tax for one unit of the product.

  • Sale By: Select the name of the employee who sold the product.

7. The front desk clicks Add Product.
Zenoti adds the product to the invoice.

8. The front desk completes the payment by selecting Complete Auto
Payment option that appears in the Auto-pay banner in the invoice.

  The payment for the services and the product is collected from Julia’s saved card.

From Zenoti Mobile POS

  1. On the Appointment Book, front desk taps Julia's appointment.
    This opens the Appointment Details screen.

  2. On the Appointment Details screen, front desk taps +Add More button to add more products or services.

The Add More screen appears and the Product tab opens.

3. The front desk searches for the Keratin Shampoo. To add the shampoo to
the invoice, the front desk taps the "+" icon beside the product price.

4. To finish adding the product to the invoice, the front desk taps Save.

5. To collect the payment, front desk taps the Complete Auto-pay button on
the Appointment Details screen.

The payment for the services and the product is collected from Julia's saved card.

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