Auto-pay is a safe new contactless checkout experience specially designed for a post-COVID world to reduce health and safety anxieties. With this payment service, guests pay using their own mobile devices.

As a result, guests need not contact the front-desk staff or providers to process payments. Auto-pay as a payment solution inherently follows physical distancing norms and prevents crowding and queues.

To use auto-pay, your guests must:

  1. Enable Auto-pay on their mobile app (that’s the Customer Mobile App or CMA).

  2. Save their card details.

  3. Specify a tip amount.

After your guests enable Auto-pay on their mobile app and book an appointment, your front-desk staff can see on the Auto-pay enabled booking on the Appointment Book.

As soon as the guest checks-in (via self-check-in, or via the front desk), the card of the guest is authorized. This allows you to quickly process the saved card for payment.

After the services are completed, the guest can walk out of your center, and your front-desk staff can collect the payment by clicking the Auto Pay option from the context menu of the appointment.

How Auto-pay Works

Auto-pay: Set up

To accept bookings for a guest with Auto-pay, you must do the following on Zenoti (Web POS): 

  1. Contact your Zenoti Customer Success Manager to enable Auto-pay for your organization and configure the terms and conditions to be displayed. 

  2. Configure the Tips to be displayed to the guest, when they are enabling Auto-pay.
    Note: You must configure tips for each of your centers where Auto-pay is enabled. 

  3. Configure notifications (Email, Text, and App) to be sent to the guest when a transaction is processed using Auto-pay.

After you configure Auto-pay for your organization, your guests can enable Auto-pay on their mobile app: 

After you enable Auto-pay for your organization, and once the guests enable this feature on their mobile apps, the following articles help you understand more:

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