Analytics Plus is a custom dashboarding solution that enables you to create your own analytics dashboards. You can use Analytics Plus to configure the way crucial metrics of your organization are calculated and visually represented. In addition, the analytics data is readily available at your disposal whenever you require.

This article helps you get started with connecting to and using Analytics Plus.
Here are a few more key features of Analytics Plus:

  • Connect to your data​ – Connect to about 25 different data sources across various dimensions of your business by using Analytics Plus. For example, data sources such as Appointments Data Model and Sales Data Model.

  • Publish your own dashboards – Use the Tableau Web interface to create, customize, and publish your own analytics dashboards​.

  • Share and favorite dashboards ​– Share customized analytics dashboards with your employees and mark important dashboards as Favorite for quick and easy access.

Zenoti allows access to Analytics for a maximum of four users per center. For all Analytics users, we provide Viewer permissions to Analytics Plus dashboards by default. For users who would like to author dashboards, we provide Explorer permissions on request.

Note: All permissions are associated with usernames. For some reason, if you have to change your username, please be noted that all permissions will be lost and cannot be carried over to the new usernames. This is applicable for SSO as well.

If you require any functionalities beyond what Tableau Web supports, you must purchase a Tableau Desktop license directly from Tableau. We enable the server connection from Tableau Desktop by providing you the required credentials. Zenoti does not provide the Tableau Desktop license as part of the Analytics Plus offering.

Zenoti's Tableau infrastructure allows you to connect to these five types of external data sources: Redshift, SQL, OneDrive (uploaded Excel file), Google Sheets, and Postgres; we do not support other data types.
Note: You must possess the necessary expertise of the Tableau tool to successfully use Analytics Plus.

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