There are mandatory membership forms such as the Sign up form that the guests must fill before they can redeem the benefits of their membership. Using Zenoti Mobile your front desk can capture the required guest’s details and signature before taking payment for the membership sale.   

To fill the form during membership sale

1. Navigate to the Memberships tab to sell membership during the guest checkout or
      from POS.
   The Memberships tab appears. 

2. Tap to select a membership for the guest.
     The membership window appears. 

3. (Optional) Tap to select the Sold By drop-down list and select a provider selling the
    Note: Zenoti takes the provider performing the service or the logged in user (if only
    membership is sold) by default in the Sold By.
4. Tap Save.
   The membership is added to the Invoice. 

5. Tap Review Membership Forms for the membership added.
    The list of forms such as the Sign-up, Terms and Condition or Other forms for the
    memberships appear. 

6. Tap Open against each form.
    The form opens in the Guest mode.
7. Hand the device to your guest to fill in the details and capture the guest’s signature.
    The filled form appears as Signed.  
8. Tap Proceed.
     Note: The Proceed option only appears if the forms are filled. 

9. Choose the payment method based on the guest’s preference and tap Take
The membership form is submitted allowing your guest to redeem the benefit for the membership. 

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