You can use Zenoti Mobile to collect payments for group appointments. If one guest is paying for all guests of a group appointment, you can collect payment for the group in one transaction. Based on the guest preference, you can even collect payments for each guest separately. 

To collect payment for a group invoice

1. In the Appointment Details screen, select the group appointment for which you want    to collect payment.
2. Tap Proceed for Group Payment

    The Group Invoice opens.
    Note: If the guest already has any discounts applied, it appears by default in the           Take Payment screen.

3. (Optional) Tap the ellipses  

      The following options open: 

  • Add More: Tap Add More to open the Add More window and add additional items to the invoice such as Products, Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards, Services.

  • Detach From Group: Tap Detach From Group to remove the guest from the group bill. You can collect payments from such guests individually. 

4. (Optional) Tap Discount under the guest’s name to apply either a Campaign or a
     Discount for that particular guest.  
         The window to select and apply campaign or discount benefits appear. 

  • Tap the Campaign tab and select a campaign to apply it to the invoice.

  • Tap the Discount tab and tap to select a discount you want to apply for the guest. The total amount along with the discount applied appears in the bottom panel of the invoice. 

5. Tap to select the payment method based on the guest’s preference from the right-  
    hand side of the payment screen. 

6. Tap Collect.
7. Tap the Close Invoice to close the invoice.
   Hint: To print the invoice, tap Close And Print. To email invoice receipt, tap Close
   And Email
  The Email Receipt window appears with the host's email selected by default.

To send the receipt to a specific guest, select the guest name. If you want to email the receipt to all guests in the group select All Guests from the Email receipt to list and then tap Send

   For a guest without email, Zenoti gives you the ability to add the email to send the    

    Note: You can also generate group appointment receipts from POS. If you want to
    go back to the group invoice easily, tap Navigate to group invoice in the Receipt

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