Disclaimer: This feature is only available on iOS.

You can use the Appointment Book in Zenoti Mobile to create a group appointment for guests such as friends or family that are part of the same group and want to avail the same or different services. Using Zenoti Mobile, you book appointments for up to 6 guests and process payments either separately or for a group as a whole.
Contact Zenoti Support to enable the ability to book group appointments for your business.

Using Group Appointment you can:

  • Search and book appointments for existing guests in the group

  • Create new guest records (for new guests in the group)

  • Generate a single invoice for the whole group

To book group appointments

1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.
   The Appointment screen appears. 

2. Tap the ‘+’ symbol to add an appointment.
    The appointment booking screen appears. 

3. Select the Booking for drop-down list to select the number of guests you want to
   book as part of the group appointment. 

4. Tap to select a number based on the guest’s preference.
    The Group Name and Select Guest options appear to add group name and select
5. Enter a group name.

5. Tap Select Guest and enter the guest’s details for an existing guest.
     If it's a new guest, you can create a new guest profile using Zenoti Mobile.

6. Tap Service for each guest to select a service.

     The Select Service window appears. 

7. Tap to select a service.
    The service is added for the guest.
    Note: To make changes to the service, based on your guest’s request, tap the edit
    icon that appears for the service, open the Select Service window, and select
    another service. 

8. Select services for all the guests in your group.
    The time slot to book the appointment appears.
9. (Optional) Tap Notes to add notes for the guests.
10. (Optional) Tap Any under Therapist to select a specific provider or provider type
     (such as Any Male, Any Female, or Other Provider).
11. (Optional) Tap Any under Room to select a specific room.

12. Tap to select a time slot.
      The Appointment screen appears.
13. Tap to select the checkbox against the guest’s name to mark that guest as the
    The host is the guest who requests the front desk to book the group appointment.
    During payment, the host can choose to pay for the entire group.

14. Tap Confirm Appointment.
     The appointment is confirmed. The group appointment for a guest is indicated with
     a ‘G’ icon in the Appointment screen.  

To add or remove guests from the group appointment

To add a guest, tap the Add to Group option that appears in the Appointment Details or the Take Payment screens. Enter the group name to which you want to add the guest and tap Add

To remove a guest from a group appointment, tap the ellipsis (three dots) that appears against a guest name in the Appointment Details or the Take Payment screens and select Detach from Group

The guest is detached from the group. 

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