A Notes campaign is essentially a campaign to add Guest Notes automatically to Guest Profiles that meet a particular target segment. 

For example, you can add a Guest Note such as "Ask the guest for a valid phone number and email address" to a target segment of guests created on the current day and whose phone number or email address are not verified. You can further configure when such Note should appear - such as during check-in. This way, the Note acts like a handy reminder to the front desk to ask for valid contact details from the guest when they come in for an appointment. 

You can set up such a campaign as an Always On Campaign so that every day Zenoti checks for guests will invalid phone numbers and email addresses and adds this Note to Guest Profiles who meet the target segment requirements. 

Before You Begin

You must have the following permissions enabled for your role:

  • Create Notes Campaign permission to be able to create a notes campaign (from Admin > Organization > Security Roles > name of the role such as Owner > Permissions tab > Marketing Manager > Campaigns section)

  • Send/Schedule Notes Campaign to be able to publish notes campaign.
    Note: If this permission is enabled for a role, but the Create Notes Campaign permission is disabled, the employee cannot view the Notes option in the left-hand side menu (Marketing > Campaigns) on the Marketing dashboard.

To create a Notes campaign:

  1. Click the Marketing icon and navigate to Campaigns > Notes.

  2. Based on your requirement, Add one of the following campaigns:

  • Add Scheduled Campaign: Scheduled campaigns let you send an email on a scheduled date and time.

  • Add Always on Campaign: Always on campaigns let you set up a series of emails and then lets Zenoti send them out at the right time to the right customers.

3. Depending on your selection, either Create Scheduled Campaign or
    Create Always On Campaign page opens.

4. Complete the following sections:

 Enter campaign info

  • Campaign Name: Enter a name for the Campaign.
    For example: Verify Email and Phone Numbers of Guests

  • Code: Enter a code, such as EP001.

  • Description: Enter an appropriate description.

  • Notes Description: Enter the text that should appear in the Guest Note.
    For example: Ask guest for valid email/phone number. 

  • Specify when the Note should appear:
    a) Show on opening Guest History
    b) Show during check-in
    c) Show when booking an appointment
    d) Show when taking payment
    For example, choose Show during check-in. This means that the Note will appear the next time the guest checks in. 

  • Select the target segment: Select the target segment that you created earlier.
    For example, you may have created a target segment with the rules (Demographic - Creation Date is equal to 0 Days, Guest Email is not Verified, and Guest Phone Number is not Verified).
    Note: To get the exact number of guests in the selected target segment, click Count.

  • Click Done after you enter the campaign information.

Select the Centers 

  • Select the Centers where you want the Notes campaign to go live.

  • Click Done.

Save and Publish

  • Click Save and Close to save the campaign as draft.

  • Click Send Now to send out the campaign.
    Note: Since  you selected Always On campaign earlier, note that all the days of the week are selected by default.

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