After the front desk receives the full payment for an invoice, Zenoti automatically closes the invoice (if another organization level setting is on - See the next section for details). At this stage, the front desk  chooses to ‘close and print’ the invoice or ‘close and email’ the invoice. However, this is one extra click for the front desk and this extra step can be quite tedious in a busy center. 

To overcome this issue, Zenoti allows administrators to specify a default action after full payment is received and invoice is closed (you can configure this from the organization level).

Before You Begin

Ensure that the Close invoice automatically post addition of payment checkbox is selected (Admin > Organizations > Organization > Settings tab > Invoice and Receipts section). When this setting is on, invoices for which full payment is received, are closed automatically. 

To specify the default action after an invoice is closed

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Select Organization > Organizations.

  3. Click the Settings tab and expand the Invoice and Receipt section. 

  4.  For the setting Default action post closing an invoice select either one of these options: Close and Print or Close and Email.

  5. Click Save.
    Depending on the configuration, Zenoti automatically closes and prints the invoice or closes and emails the invoice after full payment is received.  

Points to Remember

  • Zenoti honors the configured default action in the mirror mode of POS. Also, if you have enabled Passcode entry by employees to authorize transactions on POS, then too Zenoti honors this configuration. 

  • Zenoti does not honor this default action for group billing. 

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