The Guest Feedback Summary (v2) report  is a graphical report that helps business owners track trends of guest ratings at a glance in the selected time period. This chart is an indication of the health of the overall business - a continuous rating trend of 3 and above indicates that the business is doing well and can do better. 

Note: From the Feedback Summary report business owners can see that the ratings improved from about 2.5 to over 3.5 over the past three months.

Business owners can then look at the Guest Feedback Details report to look at micro feedback details regarding aspects of business that can be improved such as Ambience, Providers, or Check-In/Checkout process. 

Before You Begin

Ensure that the Feedback Summary (v2) report is enabled from the organization level (Admin icon >  Organization > Organizations > Reports tab > Loyalty > Feedback Summary (V2) > Graphical - Feedback Summary).

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