Group appointments allow your guest to book an appointment for multiple guests that are part of the same group and want the same or different services. If yours is a small center or you have a busy day, you can choose to disable group bookings to accommodate multiple guests.

Note: The guests visiting your center can book a group appointment for up to five members (including the guest booking the appointment or the host) using Kiosk. 

Before you Begin

Ensure you select the Enable Group Booking checkbox at the center level (Admin > Organizations > Settings > Guest Kiosk section). 

When this setting is enabled, the guest can book a group appointment using the Kiosk at your center. 

To book group appointments using Kiosk

1. Guests must log in using their credentials using Kiosk.
    The guest’s profile screen appears.

2. Tap Add New Guest.
    The Add New Guest window appears.
3. Do the following to add a guest in the group:
  i. Enter the first and last name of the guest.  
  ii. Select the guest’s gender from the Gender drop-down list.
  iii. Tap Add.

      The new guest’s details are added to the group. 

Note: To add more guests to the group, repeat steps 2-3
4. Tap Proceed.
    The service selection screen appears that allows you to add services for each  

5. Select the service for the guest.
6. (Optional)Tap Prefer a Therapist to select a provider for the service.
    Note: If you do not select a provider, Zenoti assigns available providers to perform
    the service.
7. Tap Next.
    The service selection screen appears for the next guest.  
8. Continue to select services for all the guests in your group.
9. Tap Confirm.
    The appointment confirmation message appears and you can view the group
    members’ names along with their respective wait times in the right panel. 

The appointment appears on the Queue page where the front desk can view the appointment details, start the appointment, and collect the payment

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