If you have a busy center, it can be time-consuming for the front desk to redeem membership benefits and close the invoice manually for guests. To make this process easier and faster, the front desk can use the Auto Charge Membership option from the context menu in the appointment block and close the invoice faster. 

When this option is selected, the guest’s membership is redeemed and the invoice is closed automatically. Depending on your organization settings, Zenoti either prints or emails the closed invoice for the guest. 


  • The Auto Charge Membership option appears only if the invoice amount is zero. 

  • If there are any tips, SSG, and additional charges in the invoice, the Auto Charge Membership option does not appear.

  • The Auto Charge Membership option does not appear for group bookings.

  • If you have value credit ($credit), you cannot use the Auto Charge Membership option.

Before you Begin

To enable this option for your business, you must do the following: 

  1. Contact Zenoti Support to enable the Auto Charge Membership option for your business.

  2. At the organization level, in the Default action post closing an invoice, select either Close and Print or Close and Email (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Invoice & Receipt section > Invoice Settings). This allows Zenoti to either print or email the closed invoice, based on your selection.

To redeem membership benefits using Auto Charge Membership

  1. Navigate to the appointment block for the guest for whom you want to redeem the membership. 

  2. Click the appointment block.The context menu appears. 

  3. Click Auto Charge Membership.
    Zenoti automatically redeems membership benefits for the guest and closes the invoice. 

Depending on your settings, Zenoti either emails or prints the invoice. 

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