The membership status determines if the guest can redeem benefits in a membership. The memberships your guest has purchased appear in the Memberships tab on the Guest Profile in the following sequence:   

  1. Active 

  2. Inactive

  3. Not Started

  4. Failed

  5. Suspended

  6. Frozen

  7. Closed

  8. Cancelled

  9. Expired

The memberships of a particular status are further arranged in the ascending order of the expiration date. This means the memberships with an early expiration date appear on the top for each status.

Note: If a membership's setup invoice is not in Closed state, it will not be listed on this page.

All membership records appear by default in the Guest Profile page. However, you can choose to filter memberships of specific status using the View Memberships with Status option. Learn about different membership statuses.

To filter specific membership status

1. At the center level, click the Appointment icon.
2. Open the Guest Profile page for a guest.
    The General tab appears.
3. Navigate to the Memberships tab.
   The list of memberships that your guest has purchased appears.  
4. Click View Memberships with Status drop-down list.
    A list of membership status appears.  

5. Select a membership status which you want to view.
    The membership records of the selected status appear.

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