Guests often take different services as part of a single appointment. To ensure best results and for efficiency, such services must be performed in a specific order - else this task becomes an operational overhead for the front desk. For example, a color before a cut, or a massage before a facial. Zenoti has a recommended order of services - but you can change this order based on your needs. 

When you define a custom order, Zenoti enforces this order during booking (from the Booking Wizard). Similarly, the custom order is followed when guests book appointments via online channels such as the CMA (Customer Mobile App) and Webstore V2, saving the front desk time and effort (in trying to enforce this order of services manually).

Before You Begin

  • Your administrator must have the Booking Rules (View and Edit) permissions to be able to customize the order of services at the organization level (Admin > Organization > Security Roles > (name of the role such as Administrator) > Permissions tab > Administrator section > Booking Rules). 

  • Ensure the center level setting, Preserve Booking Order of Services is OFF if you want to define the order of services under Service Booking Rules > Sequence Services. You can find this setting from Admin > Organization > Center > Settings tab > Appointment Book

To define the order of services in an appointment

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Setup > Service Booking Rules.
    In the Service Booking Rules window that opens you can see the system-defined order of services in the Service Sequence tab. 

  2. Click Customize.
    You can customize the order of services based on service categories (Massages, Hair Services, Skin Services) or based on individual Services (Ayurvedic Massage, Swedish Massage, Hair Color, Hair Cut). 

  3. Use one of the options Define by Category or Define by Service, as required. Note: The option Define by Service is selected by default. Assume you proceed with this option. 

  4. Drag and drop the services tiles of services under Sequenced Services to define your custom order.
    Refer to the GIF animation at the end of this section for more.
    When guests book multiple services (in a single visit), Zenoti enforces this custom order. For example, if you have sequenced a hair color service before a haircut, then the same order appears for a guest in an appointment.

  5. Drag and drop the services tiles that must be performed at the end of any combination of services into the Non Sequenced Services list.
    For example, a waxing service. 

  6. [Optional]: Select the option Define by Category to define the order of services by service categories.
    For example, Massages first, then Hair Services, and finally Skin Services. Zenoti enforces this order of service categories when a guest books multiple services in a single appointment.
    For example, if a guest books a Deep Nourish Hair Spa, a Berry Clean Up, and an Ayurvedic massage, Zenoti reorders the sequence of the services as the massage first, the hair spa next, and finally the clean-up service based on your custom order. 

  7. [Optional]: Click Revert to System-Defined Order any time to get back to the Zenoti-recommended order of services. 

  8. Click Save.
    When guests book multiple services, Zenoti enforces the custom order of services. Refer to the following GIF animation for more. Note also that this custom order works for couple and group bookings too. 

Book an Appointment for Services that have Custom Order 

When the front desk books an appointment with different services (that have a custom order), an alert informs the front desk that the services are reordered. 

For example, a guest books two services in this order - first, Waxing Half Legs and next, Aroma Body Massage. When the front desk makes this booking from the Booking Wizard (or when such a booking is done online through the Webstore V2 or mobile apps), Zenoti alerts the front desk stating that the order of services has changed (that is, first Aroma Body Massage and next, Waxing Half Legs). 

Note: The front desk can choose to undo this customized order of services using the “Click here to undo” option in the alert message based on the guest’s preference and thereby retain the order in which the services were booked by the guest. Note also that the alert does not appear on Zenoti Mobile as of now. 

Points to Remember

  • How service order works with day packages: Assume you have defined a custom order for services. A guest books a day package and another service. This service is a Sequenced Service but is not part of the day package). In this case, Zenoti reorders the services of the day package and the additional service based on the custom order. Services that are part of the day package are clearly marked as Day Package.
    For example, a guest books the Woodland Retreat Day Package that includes a full body massage, a manicure, and a pedicure. The guest also books a hair spa service (that is sequenced after massages). In this case, Zenoti reorders the services as, full body massage, hair spa service, manicure, and pedicure. 

  • How service order works with shrink services: If you have defined a custom order for services and a guest books a set of services that are defined as Shrink Services, then Zenoti reorders the services based on the custom order and then reduces the repetitive finish time segments the preceding services.
    For example, hair color and haircut are defined as Shrink Services (with blow dry as the common finish segment). Also, in the order of services, hair color comes first. In this case, Zenoti orders the services as hair color and hair cut and then shortens the total duration of the services by deleting the repetitive service segment. 

  • How service order works from the bottom panel of the Appointment Book and on Zenoti Mobile: If you have defined a custom order of services and book appointments from the bottom panel of the Appointment Book, the services are not reordered. This feature is coming soon in the bottom panel of the Appointment Book.
    If guests book services from Zenoti Mobile, the services are reordered as per the pattern configured by your business. The front-desk staff can see an alert that the services are reordered before confirming the appointment.  

  • How service order works with the Advanced Mode of the Booking Wizard: You cannot use the Advanced Mode of the Booking Wizard to reorder services. 

  • How service order works for bulk bookings: You cannot define the order of services for bulk bookings. 

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