The Custom Data report allows you to review the forms such as Service forms or Tag forms that are submitted by the provider for the service done at your center over a specified time period. You can choose to review each form or select forms and mark them as ‘Reviewed’. 

To review the forms in the report

1. Select Reports from the menu bar.
2. Click Loyalty from the left panel.
3. Select Custom Data from the filter drop-down list.

4.Select Custom Forms Review Report

   The Custom Data Report page appears. 

5. Click the Custom Forms Review report from the Select a Report drop-down list.
    The filters for the duration, form status, employees working at your center, and the
    service done by employees appear. 

6. Select the appropriate filters and click Refresh.
    A list of forms appear. 

7. Do one of the following: 

  • Click View from the View column against a form to open it. Fill the required details, and then select Review.
    Hint: If you have multiple tabs within each form, you can fill the required details in the form of the current tab, click Submit and Fill Next to move to the next tab. This allows you to save data in the current tab and move to the next tab without scrolling to the top of the page. 

  • To review multiple forms, select the checkboxes against each form and click Review on the top left corner of the Custom Data Report page. 

        All of the selected forms open allowing you to view or fill the details in each form,
        move to the next one, and then click Mark as Reviewed

Note: At a time, you can only select ten reports to mark as ‘Reviewed‘. 

The forms which are reviewed appear as ‘Reviewed’ under the Status column in the Custom Data Report

Note: You can also review multiple forms in Reports V2.

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