At times, guests may want to take services along with their friends or family. Such bookings are called group bookings, where a guest is accompanied by other guests (up to 6 guests). Group bookings may also include services for couples.

To enable group booking

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Online Booking tab and click the Webstore V2 template.

  3. Expand Group Booking.


  4. Configure the following settings in this section: 

  • Enable Group Booking: Turn ON the slider to enable your guests to book a group appointment. 

  • Mandatory Guest Details: Turn ON the slider to enable mandatory guest details.

  • Guest Label: A group booking has a host (the one who books the services) and   other guests (who make up the rest of the group). The Guest Label field allows       you to name the group of the guests excluding the host. For example, you can       call them as Guests, Co-Guests, or Group Guests.

  • Enable Couples Booking: If your business caters to couples or has services           specifically targeted for couples, enable this setting. Turn ON this slider to             enable couples booking.
    Note: This setting is disabled by default.

  • Group Booking Guest Booking Label: The Group Booking Label lets your guests know that they can book the services for themselves, a group, or for someone else. The text you enter here appears beside the guest selection drop-down list. For example, “I’d like to book an appointment for”, or “This booking is for".

  • Group Booking Guest Limit: The maximum number of guests that an online            group booking can accommodate is six. However, some businesses might not        be in a position to accommodate six guests at a time. In such cases, businesses   can limit the maximum number of guests. For example, enter 4 in this field to set  a guest limit for group bookings. 

  6. After you configure the above settings, click Publish to publish all the configured


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