Usually, a nominal freeze fee is collected from guests when they freeze their membership. When your guest unfreezes their membership, as an incentive your business may want to give back this freeze fee in the form of store credits. 

Zenoti gives you the ability to convert the freeze fee into the equivalent amount of prepaid card credits when the guest chooses to unfreeze their membership. 

Note: Guests must visit your center to unfreeze their membership. Guests can use the prepaid cards generated from unfreezing the membership only at the center where the prepaid card was issued. 

Before you Begin

You must select the Generate pre-paid card on membership unfreeze checkbox in the Prepaid Card Settings section at the organization level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Invoice & Receipt section > Prepaid Card Settings). 

To create a prepaid card when you unfreeze the membership for a guest 

1. Open the Guest History page.
2. Click the Memberships tab.
    The Membership details page appears.
3. Click the membership which is in frozen status.
    The Membership Details page appears for the membership.
4. Click Unfreeze in the top right corner of the page. 

5. The Prepaid Card Generated window appears. 

6. Do one of the following based on the guest’s preference: 

  • Click Redeem Prepaid Card to use it towards collecting the recurring membership fees for a guest.
    The prepaid card number appears in the Redeem Gift Card/Prepaid Card option in the Membership Details page.

       Note: If the guest already has a prepaid card assigned to collect the recurring
       membership fees, the prepaid card appears in the Pre-paid Cards tab.  

  • Click Cancel. The prepaid card appears in the Pre-paid Cards tab in the Guest Profile.
    Note: The prepaid cards generated when you unfreeze the membership for a guest, appear with ‘MU’ as a prefix, followed by the prepaid card number. 

7. Close the Membership Details page.
   The membership appears as Active under the Status column in the Membership    

To check the prepaid card details, click the Pre-paid Cards tab in the Guest Profile.

Important: Zenoti generates the prepaid card with the same expiration date as that of the membership. 


Can the guest use the prepaid card generated after unfreezing membership to pay towards the Freeze Fee?
No. The guest cannot use the prepaid card to pay towards the Freeze Fee of membership (neither recurring nor non-recurring)

Can the front desk refund the prepaid card generated from unfreezing the membership?
No. The front desk cannot refund this prepaid card for the guest. 

Can the guest’s friends and family members also use this prepaid card?
No. Only the membership owner is allowed to use the prepaid card. Additional members cannot use it.

If the front desk chooses to unfreeze membership for a guest on a future date when is the prepaid card generated?
The prepaid card is generated on the date when the membership is unfrozen. Any recurring nominal fee is accumulated and added as the prepaid card amount. 

For example, a guest approaches the front desk on the 5th of June and requests to unfreeze the membership on the 1st of August. This membership has a recurring freeze fee of $10 collected on 1st of each month. 

When the membership is made active automatically by Zenoti on the 1st of August, the prepaid card is generated containing $20 (the freeze fee accumulated for the months of June and July). 

What happens if there is a pending amount for the guest’s frozen membership?
Zenoti shows an alert message when you click Unfreeze in the Membership Details page. This message details the number of outstanding payments towards the membership which you must collect manually from the guest as shown in the following image. 

If the membership is manually canceled for a guest, will it affect the expiration date of the prepaid card?
Yes. The expiry date of the prepaid card depends on the membership's expiry date. If cancelation or termination occurs for the membership, (whichever is earlier) the prepaid card also expires.   

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