The Smart Marketing report summarizes revenue and other key performance metrics of your campaigns. You can opt to subscribe to the report for your organization or center. You can also specify when recipients should get this report.

Note: Contact Zenoti Support to set up your subscription options. 

Subscription Options: Points to Consider 

  • To receive the Smart Marketing report, recipients must either have an active Role in Zenoti or a valid email address. This is because Zenoti Support can set up recipients based on either Role or email addresses. 

  • While talking to Zenoti Support, you can specify whether you want the recipients to receive the organization or the center level report. For example, if you subscribe to get this report for a recipient at the center level, then Zenoti sends only the center level report. 

  • You can ask Zenoti Support to send this report either Monthly or Biweekly:      
      - Monthly: If you choose this option, recipients get that month’s report on the 1st
        of the next month.
        For example, Zenoti sends the monthly report for June on the 1st of July to its
      - Biweekly: If you choose this option, recipients get the report twice for a specific
        For example, the recipient gets the first report on the 15th of June which
        consists of data from 1st till 14th, and the second report on the 1st of July that
        has data for the entire month of June (1st to 30th of June).


I contacted Zenoti Support and subscribed to Smart Marketing report. When will I receive it?
When you subscribe to the monthly report, you receive the previous month’s report on 1st of the next month at 6 AM center time. For example, you have subscribed to the monthly report for your center located in Boston. The recipients get the monthly report for April on 1st May at 6 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST).  

Similarly, if you have subscribed to a bi-weekly report for your Boston center, the recipients get the first report for the month of May on 15th May at 6 AM (EST) and the second report on the 1st of June 6 AM (EST).

When subscribed to receive the organization level report, when will the recipients receive the report?
If you subscribe to get the organization level report, Zenoti considers the highest number of centers that belong to a time zone and sends the reports based on that center’s time.  

For example, you have subscribed to receive organization level report - you have three centers in the UK and two in the Middle East. In this case, you have more centers in the UK and therefore, Zenoti sends the organizational level report based on the UK time (Greenwich Mean Time). 

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