If your Zenoti freezes or loads slowly, to help identify the root cause, Zenoti Support may request you to share the Google Chrome console file.

To download the console file

  1. Launch Google Chrome, open Zenoti, and navigate to the page you are facing issues with. 

  2. Click the three dots that appear on the right side of the navigation bar. 

       The Chrome menu appears. 

   3. Locate and select More Tools.

       The More Tools side menu appears.
   4. Click Developer Tools

    The Google Chrome Console appears.
5. Click the Console tab.

    The Console tab opens.
6. Right-Click anywhere inside the Console tab.
    The right-click menu appears.
7. Click Save As

      The Save As window appears.
  8. Name the console file, select a location, and click Save.
      The Google Chrome console file download begins.

      After the download completes, share the console file with Zenoti Support. 

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