Zenoti allows you to customize the URL of your Webstore as per your business requirements.
For example, if your existing Zenoti online booking URL is spabliss.zenoti.com/webstore, the hostname can be masked to booking.spabliss.com.
The masked URL will internally redirect to the Zenoti booking URL.

Customizing your URL

Customizing your URL is a two-step process that must be performed by your Admin.

Step1: Contact your Domain provider (Go Daddy, HostGator, or others), and ask for the following:

  • A CNAME for your domain
  • Three SSL certificates

Step2: Share the CNAME and the SSL certificates with Zenoti Support.

Read on to understand more details about these steps.

Step 1: Configure a CNAME and Obtain SSL Certificates

  • CNAME:
    If you are not setting up an SSL - The CNAME should point to your Zenoti account URL.
    For example: If you create CNAME as booking.spabliss.com, it should point to spabliss.zenoti.com.
    In such a case your Webstore will use the HTTP (unsecured) protocol rather than the HTTPS (secured) protocol.

If you are setting up an SSL - Contact Zenoti Support to know your "Points to"
URL and update it in the settings page of your domain provider. The
CNAME should point to the URL shared by Zenoti.

  • SSL Certificates: Contact your domain provider and obtain the following SSL Certificates to enable the SSL support for the newly added custom URL.

    a). The PEM-encoded certificate stored in a file named                                                   <example_Certificate>.pem (public cert issued by the domain provider).

    b). The PEM-encoded certificate chain stored in a file named                                          <example_Certificate_Chain>.pem

    c). The PEM-encoded, unencrypted private key stored in a file named                            <example_PrivateKey>.pem (generated from the public cert).

    Note: Zenoti supports SSL certificates that are 2048 bit encrypted.

Step 2: Share with Zenoti Support

After your admin creates the CNAME and procures the required SSL Certificates, share them with the Zenoti Support.
Zenoti will take 48 hours to set live your custom URL.

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