Sometimes a guest may wish to gift a service to a family member or friend as a surprise. In such instances, the guest may choose to book an appointment for their loved one (the recipient) and pay for it. 

Zenoti provides the ability for the front desk to mark appointments as surprise visits for the recipient. For such appointments, Zenoti does not send out the regular communication (SMS/emails) to the recipient about the appointment confirmation or reminder to avoid ruining the surprise. 

Before you Begin

To enable this feature for your organization contact Zenoti Support. When you enable this feature, the Surprise Visit checkbox appears in the appointment booking screen. You must also understand the impacts of marking an appointment as ‘Surprise Visit’.

To book a Surprise Visit

1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.
   The appointment page appears.
2. Tap the + sign.
    The appointment booking page with the Surprise Visit checkbox appears.

3. Tap the Surprise Visit checkbox.
    The Select Host and Select Guest options appear. 

4. Tap Select Host.
    The Search a Guest screen appears. 

5. Enter the guest’s name who wishes to book the service for a recipient.
    The guest’s name appears as Host.
6. Tap Select Guest.
    The Search a Guest screen appears.
7. Enter the guest’s name who is the recipient of the service.
   The guest’s name appears as the recipient along with + Add Service option.
8. Tap + Add Service and select a service.
    The options to select provider (optional), time slots for the day, and the room    
     (optional) appears.
9. Select a time slot.

10. Tap Confirm Appointment.
     The appointment is booked.


1. Is it mandatory for host who books a surprise visit pay for the ‘Surprise Visit’?
   No. Usually, the host pays for a Surprise Visit. However, Zenoti does not mandate
   that only the host should pay for the visit - the host or the guest (for whom the
   surprise visit is booked), can pay.
2. Can a guest cancel the Surprise Visit appointment?
    If for some reason, the host wants to cancel the Surprise Visit, the front desk must
the appointment.
3. Based on the guest’s request, can the front desk change the Surprise Visit as  
    Regular appointment?

    No. You can only modify a surprise appointment, but cannot change the
    appointment into a regular appointment. That is, once you select the Surprise visit
    checkbox,  you cannot clear it. 

4. Can a guest request to Rebook the Surprise Visit?
    In case the recipient rebooks such a service, Zenoti marks such a rebooked
    appointment  as a regular appointment (and not as a Surprise Visit). 

5. Which reports can I find the number of Surprise Visit booked for a time period?
    Administrators and owners can find a list of appointments that were Surprise Visits
    during a given time frame from the Is Surprise (Yes/No) column of the
   Appointment Details report

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