You as a provider or the front-desk staff can use the Calendar View is to easily see multiple appointments and also perform relevant actions in the calendar layout.
You must have appropriate permissions enabled for your role, to use the Calendar View and perform appointment- or employee-related actions. 

To learn about the actions you can perform using the Calendar view, read: Zenoti Mobile: Actions Using the Calendar View

Before you Begin

Ensure that the Can access Appointment Book permission is enabled for the employee to access and use the Calendar view. 

To access the Calendar view

1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.
   The Appointment screen appears in the List view by default. 

2. Tap the ellipsis (...) icon.
    The option to change the view appears. 

3. Tap Calendar View.
    The appointments appear in the calendar layout.
    Hint: You can use the pinch gesture to zoom in or zoom out of the screen. 

    Note: You can tap an appointment to view its details in the appointment details

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