Saved Responses are messages which you can create and send as commonly-used replies to your guests in scenarios such as, the absence of a provider or any other business-related information. Saved Responses allow you to send quick replies, rather than typing the message manually for each guest.

Before you Begin

Ensure that the employee has access to Connect in order to create, edit, and send the Saved Responses.

To create saved responses

1. Tap to select a conversation from the left pane of Connect.
   The conversation opens in the right pane.

2. Tap Saved Responses icon.
    You can see this icon to the right of the guest’s name.

    The Saved Responses window opens. 

3. Tap the Create icon on the top right corner of the Saved Responses window.

    The Create Saved Response window appears.
4. Do the following:

  1. Enter a Title for the saved response.

  2. Under Title, enter a message for saved response.  
    The Saved Response is now available for use. 

   3. Tap Save.
       The response is saved. 

To use the saved responses

  1. Select the guest to whom you want to send a Saved Response.
    The guest conversation opens on the right pane.

  2. Tap the Saved Responses icon.
    The Saved Responses window appears

   3. Select a Saved Response you want to send to your guest.
       The Saved Response text is added to the Type your Message Here text box.

   4. Close the Saved Responses side window.
   5. Tap Send.
       The Saved Response is sent to your guest. 

To edit or delete the saved responses

  1. Tap the Saved Response you want to edit or delete in the Saved Responses window.

  2. Swipe from left to right.
    The options to Edit or Delete appear.

   3. Do one of the following as per requirement: 

  • Tap Edit, to modify the saved response as per your need. 

  • Tap Delete, to delete the saved response.

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