If the guest wants to redeem their loyalty points to pay towards their appointment, you can collect such payments using Zenoti Mobile. 

Important: You must be aware of the following:

  • The guests can redeem loyalty points only against the purchase of Products, Services, Series and Custom Packages, Day Packages, and Gift Cards. 

  • The employee can apply both pre- and post-tax loyalty points for a guest. 

To apply loyalty points for a guest

1. Open the payment screen to collect payment for a guest. 

2. Under Take Payment, tap Loyalty

    Under Loyalty, Select Loyalty Program drop-down appears.

3. Tap Select Loyalty Program drop-down and select a loyalty program based on the       guest’s preference.
    Note: In the Select Loyalty Program drop-down, you can see the total available
    balance from all the loyalty programs accrued till date and also the list of loyalty
    programs with their individual balances. 

4. Tap to select the loyalty program from which the guest wants to redeem.
5. Enter the number of points you want to apply for the guest from the selected    
    loyalty point program.
    The points appear in the Points field.
    Note: The guests can redeem based on the loyalty point redemption rules set at
    the organization level.
    To know more, read: Redemption Settings in Loyalty Programs.

    Important: If the setting to send One Time Password (OTP) to the guest is enabled
    for your center, Generate OTP option appears. When you tap Generate OTP, an
    OTP is sent to the guest’s registered email or mobile number (which is configured
    as default at the organization level). To learn how to configure OTP settings, read:
    Enable OTP for your Organization. You need to ask the guest for the OTP code, and
    enter it in the OTP box to apply loyalty points.

5. Tap Apply.
    The loyalty points applied successfully message appears and you are directed to
     the Take Payment screen.
6. Tap Close Invoice

     The invoice is closed for a guest.  

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