No. You cannot capture NPS using Zenoti.

That said, Zenoti currently does have a feedback mechanism that allows you to identify detractors (unhappy customers) and promoters (happy customers), which is the very essence of NPS, and additionally allows you to follow up with the detractors to take appropriate action easily!

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How does NPS Survey Work

1. NPS survey is sent to customers with one key question: On a scale of 0-10,
   how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

2. If the customer gives a rating, a follow-up question requesting an explanation
    as to why the customer chose a particular score. 

You must analyze the survey results and follow up with the detractors to try to convert them into promoters.  

How can you achieve similar results with Zenoti?

While Zenoti does not allow you to ask the "how likely are you to recommend us" question or compute the NPS score (% of Promoters - % of Detractors), you can use Zenoti Feedback V2 mechanism to identify promoters and detractors and take appropriate action.

Here is what you can do

  1. Use Zenoti to do the following:
    a. Create a feedback form that a guest can rate on a scale of 1 to 5.
    b. Add aspects that the guest liked or did not like.
    Learn how to create a feedback form based on a five-star rating framework.

  2. Guests who have completed a service, get a mail/text message with a link that prompts them to provide feedback.

  3. Guests rate their overall experience and leave feedback around aspects they liked or didn’t like.

4. If a guest leaves negative feedback or was not happy with a service, then
    you can launch Connect from the guest's feedback page and easily collect
    more details about the feedback, and take appropriate action. 

Note: Connect is currently supported only in the USA and Australia.

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