Guests are automatically awarded loyalty points for their purchases. In case you need to add loyalty points manually, Zenoti allows you to add them from the guest's profile. 


  • Reasons: You should create one or more reasons with the type as Loyalty Points Update. These reasons must be used by your front desk or employee when they are manually adding the loyalty points to your guests.
    Learn more: Create Reasons.

After you configure the above settings, your employees can add loyalty points to guests under the Regular Loyalty Program, as well as the Tiered Loyalty Program.

Manually Add Loyalty Points for a guest

To add points to guests under any loyalty program, do the following: 

  1. At the center level, click the Loyalty icon.

  2. Navigate to Manage Guests > Guest Name.
    The guest profile opens. 

  3. Click the Points tab.
    The Points tab opens.

4. Click Add Points.
     Note: Add Points appears only to those users who have the role permission                  enabled. The information on this page depends upon the loyalty program
     (Regular or Tiered).
     Add Loyalty Points pop-up opens.
                                                  Regular Loyalty Program

                                                 Tiered Loyalty Program

Complete the following fields: 

  • No. of Points to Add: Enter the number of points that you want to add to your guest. 

  • Tier Name: This appears only for guests under the tiered loyalty program. The name of the tier is auto-populated. 

  • Expiry Date: The expiry date, by default, is set as per your loyalty points configuration settings (for regular loyalty program) or tier settings. 

  • Reason: Select the appropriate reason. 

  • Comments: Enter the comments stating the reason for manually adding the loyalty points.

   5. Click Add Points.
       The loyalty points are added to your guest.

Things to Know: 

  • When your front desk adds the loyalty points, the accrual messages are not sent to the guest, but Zenoti updates the loyalty points balance.

  • Click the loyalty points to open a pop-up, which shows the name of the employee who added the loyalty points.

  • The following loyalty points reports are affected:

                  a) Balance as on date
                  b) Balance as on date by guest
                  c) Expirations
                  d) Redemptions
                  e) Referred Points
                  f) Sales

  • Loyalty Program Reports show these points under the column Program Name. If you manually add points for a regular loyalty promotion, the program name will be Manually Added. If you manually add points for a tiered loyalty promotion, the program name will be the name of the tier.

  • The loyalty points are visible only in the center from which the employee is logged in. For example, If an employee adds loyalty points from center A, then the points are added to the guest profile in Center A. The guest’s base center is not considered.

  • You can manually add the points only from the center level. 

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