In Webstore V2 the guests can access their profile to view the information related to appointments, gift cards, memberships, and much more.

Your guests do the following actions:

  1. Navigate to the Webstore by opening the URL.

  2. Click Sign In.

  3. To sign in, enter email id and password.

    To create an account, click Sign-up, enter your details and create an account.

  4. Click the Guest profile icon.

Sections of the Guest Profile

  • Profile: Click this section to view the guest’s personal details, such as the address, phone number, date of birth, and email address. Guests can edit their information from this section.

  • Appointments: Click this section to view all the Upcoming Appointments and Past Appointments, booked on the Webstore V2. Guests can fill out the feedback form for past appointments. For upcoming appointments, guests can cancel an appointment or fill out the consent form.

  • Memberships: Click this section to view the memberships purchased by the guest.

  • Series Packages: Click this section to view all the series packages purchased by the guest. This section shows the validity of the Series Package and the benefits used.

  • Gift Cards: Click this section to view a history of all the gift cards purchased by the guest. The guest can also:

    • Check the balance of an existing gift card and resend a copy of the gift card to themself or a new recipient.

    • Use these gift cards to pay for an appointment booked in Webstore v2.

    • Add the gift cards that another guest has gifted to them to their Webstore v2 profile.

    • Choose which gift card to redeem from the list of all gift cards in their profile.

  • Payment Details: Click this section to access the guest's payment details and card information. The guest can save, view, edit, and remove the card information. The card details saved on the Zenoti Web are also visible here.

    Note: Guests cannot delete the card information stored on the Zenoti Web from here.

  • Loyalty Points: Click this section to view the guest's loyalty points details. This section displays the balance, earned, and redeemed loyalty points and the expiry date.

  • Sign Out: Click this button to sign out of the Webstore V2.

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