Series Packages are long term packages that require guests to take multiple services or products. For example, a weight loss package may require the guest to come in for three sessions per week for say, eight months. You can allow your guests to purchase such series packages from your Webstore V2.

Before You Begin

Ensure that you enable Sale of Series Packages in the catalog settings at the organization level.
Learn more: Enable Sale of Series Packages

To book a series package

Your guests must do the following actions:

  1. Navigate to the Webstore by opening the URL.
    The Webstore home page appears. 

  2. Click Sign In.
    The Sign In or Create Account page opens. 

  3. Enter the Username and Password to login.
    The Services page appears. 

  4. Click Packages on the main menu. 

        The Series Packages page opens.

    5. Search for the desired series packages using the search bar or
        select a Category to view the packages.
        Note: Packages that do not have a category appear under Others
        in the Webstore. 

   6. Select a series package.

7. To add another series package, click Add Another Series Package, or click Continue to checkout.
       The Summary section and the Payment section appears. 

   8. Enter your card details and click Pay Now.
      The Thank You page appears.
      Your guest has purchased a series package. 

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