If your center has a heavy inflow of guests, they must wait for the Queue to highlight their appointment to take the service.
This is time-consuming and is inconvenient to the guests.
To avoid such issues, you can enable an organization level setting, which allows your front desk to mark any appointment as Start, irrespective of the queue order. This way, your front desk can mark multiple appointments as Start and serve multiple guests in one go.

To mark appointments as start irrespective of the queue order

  1. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings

  2. Expand the Queue/ Guest Kiosk settings

   3. Select the Allow Guest Service Starts Irrespective of Queue Order checkbox.
       Note: If you enable this setting, the Estimated Wait Time displayed on the
      Kiosk may not be accurate.

   4. Click Save.

The following changes take place in the Queue. 

  • All the appointment blocks in the Queue are highlighted. 

  • All the appointment blocks will only have two buttons. Left and Start. The Skip button does not appear. 

  • Your front desk can check the availability of the providers and the guests and mark the respective appointments as Start

    Important: If your business has enabled the Employee must check in to start, complete, or check out an appointment in Appointment Book view and Queue view setting, and the provider is not clocked in, you cannot change the status to Start, Complete, or Checkout.

  • If a guest does not show up for the appointment, then the front desk can mark the appointment as Left. This will delete the appointment from the Queue.
    Note: You can configure the text label for this button as per your need.  
    Learn more: Configure Queue for a Center

Refer to the following screenshot.

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