Guest can walk-in and book appointments at your center using the kiosk. However, some services mandate forms must be filled before guests can book an appointment. 

Before You Begin

Make sure you enable Guest and Service forms at the center level in the Guest Kiosk settings. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Centers > Settings > Guest Kiosk > Enable Guest and Service Forms

Note: After you enable forms, a new setting appears, Allow Check-Ins only if Forms are Filled. Enable this setting if you want to mandate the completion of forms by your guests. This means, your guests cannot complete the booking of an appointment or check-in to an appointment without first filling the forms. 

You can capture your guest’s consent in two ways: 

  • When your guest books a new appointment for a service that requires a consent.

  • When your guest checks-in to an appointment for a service that requires a consent.

Your guest  takes the following actions while booking an appointment on the Kiosk:

  1. Log in to the Kiosk using the phone number or email id. The Kiosk shows all the guest profiles related to the phone number.

  2. Select the appropriate profile. 

    3. Tap Proceed.
        The guest has logged in successfully.
        The services page opens. 

  4. Select a service.
  5. [Optional] Select a provider.
  6. Tap Confirm.
      Appointment confirmation screen appears with the approximate wait time. 

    7. Tap Proceed.
       The Forms page appears.
       Note: The forms page appears only if the selected service has a form associated,         and requires a consent from the guest. 

     Note: If the guest missed to fill any mandatory fields in the form, an alert appears
    asking the guest to fill the fields before check-in. 

    Hint: If there are multiple forms, guest can easily navigate across multiple forms for
    a service by selecting Save & Fill Next Form option. 

     8. Tap Check-in.
         The Kiosk homepage appears again with the guest’s estimated wait time.

          The guest has filled the required forms and successfully booked the services.

Your guest takes the following actions: 

  1. Open the Kiosk home page.
    Note: You can open the Kiosk home page by navigating to the URL or tapping Kiosk in the settings of Zenoti Mobile (iOS).
    Kiosk home page opens and shows a list of all the guests and their position in the queue.

    2. Click the name of the guest.
        The phone number confirmation pop-up appears. 

       3. Enter the last 4 digits of your phone number to check-in.
       4. Click Submit.
           The forms page opens.
           Note: The forms page appears only if the selected service has a form                             associated, and requires a consent from the guest. Otherwise, the guest will                 continue the booking process without seeing this page.

       5. Select the form or forms and fill them accordingly.

       6. Click Check-in.
           You are Checked-In pop-up message appears.

        7. Click OK.
           The Kiosk home page appears again indicating your position in the queue.

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