You can configure a default payment method to collect payment towards membership for a guest in Zenoti. If the guest has set a prepaid card or gift card as their payment mode to collect membership fees and the balance becomes zero, Zenoti automatically uses the payment type you configure, to ensure that the membership is not suspended. 

To configure payment type for a membership

1. Open the Guest Profile page for a guest.
   The General tab appears.
2. Navigate to the Memberships tab.
    The list of memberships that your guest has purchased appears. 

3. Select a membership.
   The membership details page appears.

4. Click Change adjacent to Default Payment Method.

    The Change Payment Type window appears.

5. Select one of the following payment types from the Payment Type dropdown as per guest’s preference:

  • Cash: Guest pays for the membership fees only through cash. 

  • Online Credit Card: The membership payment is collected online using the guest’s credit card. 

  • Offline BSB card: The membership payment is collected offline mode of payment, for example, checks, cards, or coupons.

  • Custom:The membership fees are paid using other modes of transaction that is not part of Zenoti. 

6. Click Update.
   A warning message appears stating that if confirmed all of the future and pending
   payments for frozen or suspended memberships will be collected from the default
   payment method.

7. Click OK.  
   The selected mode of payment type appears in the Default Payment Type in the
   Membership Details page. 


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