1. What happens if the gift or prepaid card used towards membership payment  

   Zenoti uses the default payment method to continue paying the membership fees. If
   the payment does not occur using the default payment method, depending on the
   membership setting, the membership is suspended or canceled.
2. Can I use a prepaid card with different price and value for a guest to pay
    membership fees?

3. Can I use a gift card with different price and value for a guest to pay membership
If the setting at the organization level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings >    
    Invoice Settings > Gift Card without Tax > Gift Card with Different Price and Value     > Allow to pay for drop down > Memberships) is enabled, you can use a gift card
   for a guest.
4. Can I use Prepaid or gift card for a guest to collect the Freeze fee?
    Yes. Depending on the membership, you can use the balance in the prepaid card or
    gift card for your guest to pay the Freeze Fee.
5. Is there a report where I can see if the membership fee is paid through the gift
    card or prepaid card?

    Yes. You can view the Collections in the Recurring Memberships report to see the
     payment mode used to collect membership fees.
6. Will prepaid or gift card collect membership payment for a membership that was

    When a membership is auto-renewed, the prepaid or gift card set to collect
    payment may reset when the membership is renewed. So you would have to set
    the prepaid or gift card again for a guest to collect membership fees.
7. What happens if the guest uses a gift card that expires after one usage?
   If the guest uses a one-time usage gift card to collect membership dues, the
   membership dues are collected only for one recurring cycle, after which the gift
   card expires. Hence it is advised that the front desk informs the guest before using
   such gift cards.

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