Following is the list of descriptions of all criteria and operators to build custom target segments based on guest information provided in the custom Guest Forms.

Criteria: Fields in the Guest Form such as Authorization, Provider Name, or Sensitive to Steam?.

Operators: Depend on the criteria you select

Description: you can create target segments based on fields within the custom guest forms you use.  

Example: For example, if you have a custom form to capture the guest experience on your Facial service, and you capture details like ‘Are you Claustrophobic (to steam)?’ or ‘Are you on any medication that interferes with facial treatment?’ then, you can create a segment of guests based on these fields. For example, you can create a segment of guests who have selected ‘Yes’ for ‘Are you claustrophobic (to steam)?’ and send out a campaign to them on your new facial service that doesn’t involve usage of steam or any other substance that can cause suffocation.

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