Guests can use the balance in their gift card to pay towards the recurring membership dues in Zenoti. If the balance in the gift card becomes zero or if the card expires, Zenoti automatically uses the payment mode configured in the Default Payment Type to collect the membership dues.
For example, the guest wants to pay the recurring membership due of $40 per month using their gift card that has a balance of $100 from January. When the balance in the gift card becomes $20 in March, Zenoti collects the remaining dues using the card on file. When there is no balance in the gift card, the card on file becomes  the default payment mode to collect dues for the membership.  

To set a gift card to collect the membership dues

1. Open the Guest Profile page for a guest.
   The General tab appears.
2. Navigate to the Memberships tab.
    The list of memberships that your guest has purchased appears. 

3. Select a membership.
    The membership details page appears. 

4. Click Use Gift Card/Prepaid Card to pay for Membership dues

    The Use Gift card/Prepaid card window appears with the Gift Card option selected
    by default in Collect Membership dues.

5. In the Gift Card # field, enter the gift card number the guest provides.

6. Click Search.
    Zenoti shows the balance and expiry date of the gift card under the Gift Card#    

    Note: You cannot use a gift card with tax for a guest to pay the membership
7. Click Update.
    The gift card number appears in the Membership details page and indicates that it
    is used to pay the membership dues. 

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