After you configure your Webstore at the organization level, it is important for you to configure the Webstore at the center level to offer a personalized experience to your guests. The center level catalog consists of some important settings such as Booking Start Date, Center Page Banner, Center Description, among others, that are not available at the organization level.

To configure the center level catalog

  1. Ensure that you are at the center level.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Organizations > Centers > Online Booking.
    Three sections, Settings, Content To Display, and Webstore V2 Settings appear. 

    3. Expand the Settings section.

Configure the following in the Settings:

  • Show in Catalog: Select this checkbox to enable the Webstore for your center. 
  • Limit the Feedback: By default, Webstore and Customer Mobile App (CMA) show the feedback provided by your guests across all the centers. Select this setting to limit the display of the feedback to only the guests of your center. 
  • Center Page Banner: Enter the HTML code for the center page banner that you can display on the center’s landing page. 
  • Bookings Start Date: Enter the date from when the services are to be rendered for a center.
  • Block Online Bookings From: If you want your center to stop accepting new appointments for a period, for example, if your center is under renovation, then you can block the incoming appointment requests using this setting. Enter the start date and the end date of when you do not want any appointments to come in.
  • Show in Location Selector: Select this checkbox, if you want your center to show up in the location selector drop-down list.
  • Allow Appointment Booking: Select this checkbox to accept online bookings for services from your guests. 
  • Require Credit Card for Appointment Booking: Configure this setting if you have a card on file policy for your organization or center. Select any of the following. 

                a) Use Organization Settings: Select this radio button if you want to
                    align your center with the organization settings for the card on file.

                b) Not Required: Select this radio button if your center does not
                    mandate a card on file for booking appointments.

                c) Block if not on file: Select this option if you only want the guests
                    who have a card on file to book appointments. If guests do not have the                        card on file, they cannot book the appointments. 

  • Geo Latitude: Enter the latitude of your center here. 
  • Geo Longitude: Enter the longitude of your center here. 
  • Description: Enter the description of your center. Use this description to inform your guests about the various services you offer in your center, and also add directions to find your center.
  • Feedback Link: Enter the URL of the feedback page in case you have a separate page. 
  • Feedback Label Text: Enter the label for the feedback link text. 

 4. Expand Content To Display.

Configure the following:

  • Apply Same Settings as Defined Under the Organization Catalog Settings: Select this check box if you want the content defined at the organization level to take effect for your center level too.
  • Menu Bar and Screens: Select all the menu items that should appear on the Webstore.
    Note: The menu bar items and the screens depend upon your organization. You can have multiple pages and screens based on your requirement. 

 5.  Expand Webstore V2 Settings.

Configure the following:  

  • Enable Intro Pricing for Guests: Turn this setting to ON to enable intro pricing on services for new guests.
    Note: You must first enable this setting at the organization-level and then configure at the center-level. 
  • Campaign Code: Enter the campaign code that you created. In this case, enter the code of the Intro Campaign.
  • Custom Banner for Intro Pricing: Enter the CSS text for the banner. This banner appears for users who are not signed in. After signing-in, guests will see their respective banners such as their  Membership banner or an existing guest banner.
  • Apply Same Settings as Defined Under Organization Catalog - V2 Settings: Disable this setting if you want to configure the Webstore at the center level. After you disable this checkbox, the following settings appear: 

       - Enable Services V2: Select this checkbox to display services to your guests and           accept service bookings.
       - Enable Gift Cards V2: Select this checkbox to allow the sale of gift cards on your Webstore.
       - Enable Memberships V2: Select this checkbox to allow the sale of                                 memberships on your Webstore.
       - Enable Series Packages V2: Select this checkbox to enable the sale of series               packages on your Webstore. 

  • Custom Header (HTML): Enter the HTML code if you want a custom header for your Webstore. 
  • User Consent for Card on File: Enter the text for taking the user consent for saving the card on file. 
  • Booking Page Terms and Conditions: Enter the terms and conditions for accepting bookings on your Webstore. These terms and conditions appear on the Confirm Booking page of your Webstore. The guest needs to accept the terms in order to book a service.
  • Cancellation Policy: If your business allows cancellation of appointments on the Webstore, you can display a disclaimer text to your guests stating the terms and conditions for the appointment cancellation. Enter the cancellation policy text in this field. 
  • Side Bar Panel: Enter the text label of the sidebar panel. 
  • Side Bar: Enter the description text that appears on the side bar panel. 
  • Membership Side Bar Label: Enter the text label for the Membership side panel. 
  • Membership Side Bar: Enter the description text that appears on the membership side panel. 
  • Series Package Side Bar Label: Enter the text label for the Series Package side panel.
  • Series Package Side Bar: Enter the description text that appears on the Series Package side panel.

6. Click Save.
     The center level catalog is now configured. 

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