• The search results do not show the guest I am looking for.
    If you use a call center model for your business, then the guests associated with all of your centers are visible to you. This is the primary task for the call center employee/staff who checks all the messages received from the guests across all the centers. The employee also has access to the Appointment Book of all the centers and to book the appointments accordingly. If you use a franchise model for your business, then your front desk can only search for employees associated with the center.  
  • Does Connect display all messages sent to the guest?
    Connect displays only direct or transactional messages sent to the guest. Connect does not display the following:
    - Marketing messages
    - Text messages with One time password (OTP)
    - Text messages with “forgot password” information  
  • If a guest replies to an appointment confirmation message, will it show up in conversation history?
    Yes. If a guest replies with the appointment confirmation text, it will show up in the conversation history. Learn more about appointment confirmation text.
    Example: If you set the appointment confirmation text as Yes, and if a guest replies Yes, the reply shows up in the conversation history; also, the appointment is automatically confirmed.
    Note: When a guest replies in this manner, Connect, by default, marks the reply as Read. Any reply other than “Yes” to the confirmation text message, shows up as unread. 
  • If a guest replies to marketing messages, will it show up in conversation history?Yes. If a guest replies to a marketing message, it will show up in the conversation history. Note: You can only see the guest's reply to a marketing message. Connect does not show the sent marketing message in the conversation history.
  • In a call center setup, can I have two different phone numbers, one for my organization and another for my center?
    In case of a call center setup, the transactional messages are sent from the phone number that you configure at the organization level. The organization may have multiple centers, but the messages are only sent from the number you configure at the organization level.
    If Center A wants to set up its own number, then Connect of such center will only receive the messages from the guests associated with Center A. The front desk can no longer see or check the messages of guests belonging to other centers.

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