Business owners gather feedback both, positive and negative, to try and gain insights into aspects of their business that work well and areas that need improvement. In a sense, gathering and analyzing feedback influences business decisions and can go a long way in growing a business as a whole. 

Important: Zenoti offers two different versions of setting up the guest review experience.

  • Overall Rating using Guest Feedback v2 (Recommended by Zenoti): Guests rate overall experience and then indicate aspects of business they liked or did not like.
    Advantages: Giving feedback is faster and easier; more number of guests tend to give feedback. As a result, businesses get better insights into areas of improvement.  

  • Rating Individual Questions using Guest Feedback v1 (earlier experience): Guests read questions on different aspects of business and rate each question separately. This could be time consuming and fewer guests may actually leave feedback. As a result, businesses may find it challenging to aggregate their findings and identify areas of improvement. Note that guests cannot rate their overall experience using this method.

Set Up the Guest Feedback Experience based on v2

In Zenoti, setting up and using the feedback experience, using Guest Feedback v2 is a three-step process.

Important: You must enable the option Guest Feedback v2 from the organization level to set up this feedback experience (Admin icon > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Feedback). Once you switch to Guest Feedback v2, you cannot switch back to Guest Feedback v1. 

Set Up the Guest Feedback Experience based on v1

If you prefer, you can continue using the current feedback process that is based on the Guest Feedback v1 . This option is selected by default (Admin icon > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Feedback). Learn how the administrator sets up the feedback form in this case

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