Saved Responses are messages that you use frequently to respond to your guests about queries such as the services you offer at your center. You may also use Saved Responses to inform guests about events such as the absence of providers or other business-related information such as extended working hours to cope with extra demand. The next time you get similar queries, you can quickly send out the saved response, rather than typing the message manually. 

Note: Creating and sending Saved Responses require role-based permissions of ezConnect.

To create saved responses

  1. Launch ezConnect.

  2. From the Options Pane, select Saved Responses.
    The Manage Saved Responses page opens.

3. To create a new saved response, click Create New.
Create new saved response pop-up opens.

4. Enter the following details:

  • Title

  • Description

5. Click Create New.
You have successfully created a new saved response.
The created saved response appears in the Manage Saved Responses page.

  • To delete a saved response, click Delete.
    A confirmation pop-up appears if you click Delete.

  • To edit an existing saved response, click Edit.
    The saved response editor opens if you click Edit.

  • To delete all or multiple saved responses at once, select the Select All checkbox and click Delete.

  • Use the Search Saved Responses search bar to search for an existing saved response.

  • Sort the existing saved responses based on the following filters:

    • Created: This filter will display the saved responses based on the date of creation.

    • Modified: This filter will display only the modified or edited saved responses.

    • A to Z: This filter will display the saved responses alphabetically from A to Z.

    • Z to A: This filter will display the saved responses in the reverse alphabetical order.

To use the saved responses

  1. Select the guest to whom you want to send a Saved Response.
    The guest conversation opens on the right pane.

  2. From the Reply Pane, click the Saved Responses icon.
    You can see this icon below the text box in the reply pane.

    The Saved Responses pop-up appears.

   3. To use a saved response, click Use this.
       The saved response is added to the text box in the reply pane.

    6. Click Send.
        The Saved Response is sent to your guest. 

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