This article explains how you can work with Connect to send messages to guests, respond to their messages, and filter the unread messages. 

Send Messages to Guests

To send a message: 

  1. Open Connect.
  2. Search for the guest using the search bar on the left pane.

  3. Select the guest.
      The guest conversation opens on the right pane.
      Note: You are messaging <guest name> for the first time! appears when you are        beginning a conversation with a guest for the first time.
      Refer the screenshot below. 

  4. Type the message. 

 5. Click Send.
     The message is sent to your guest.

Respond to the Guest’s Messages

When you receive a message from a guest, the message is marked as unread by Connect until you view the conversation. 

To respond to the guest’s message:

  1. Select a conversation (Read or Unread) from the left pane.
    The conversation opens in the right pane. 

       2. Type the message.
       3. Click Send.
           The message is sent to your guest.
           You can also set up an autoresponder which will send automated responses                when you receive messages after your center’s working hours.
           Learn more: Set up an Autoresponder. 

Mark a Conversation as Unread

You can mark a read conversation as unread, in case you want to respond to the guests at a later time.

To mark a conversation as unread

Note: Take the following actions in the left pane of Connect. 

  1. Hover over a read conversation.
    Note: Do not select the conversation.
    A button with three dots appears on the right side of the conversation.

     2. Click the button.
         Mark as unread pop-up appears.

   3. Click Mark as unread.
       A red dot appears on the guest icon indicating that this is an unread message.              Note: The red dot will not show any number.

Search for Guests

You can easily search for guests to whom you want to send messages to:

  1. If you have set up Connect for a call center to manage guests and their bookings across multiple centers from a single location, you can search for guests across multiple centers. 
  2. If you have set up Connect for a franchise, where you need to only manage the guests of your individual center, then you can search for guests only within your center. 

       Note: When you search for a guest, the guest name appears in the list even
       if there was no previous message history.

Access a Guest Profile

You can access the guest profile from the right pane of Connect. 

To access the guest profile

  1. Select the guest whose guest profile you want to view.
  2. Click the guest profile icon from the right pane.
    The Guest profile opens. 

Create a New Guest Profile

You can create a guest profile when a new guest messages you inquiring about your services. 

To create a new guest profile

  1. Select the new guest message from the left pane.
    The conversation appears on the right pane.
  2. Click the create a new guest icon beside the guest mobile number.

          The Create Guest page opens.

          Note: Your front desk should fill all the mandatory fields such as First
          Name, Last Name, and Mobile Number, while creating a profile. 

     3. Enter the required information and click Save.
         The new guest profile is created.

Use a Saved Response

You can save frequently used responses and quickly send them to multiple guests. This helps you to save time as you can send messages quickly.
Learn more
: Create a Saved Response.

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