Connect is a business texting platform that allows you to do the following from a single window: 

  • Respond to a guest’s text messages
  • Follow up with guests about their appointments such as rescheduling, confirming, and cancelling appointments; you can also let guests know when providers are unavailable

You front desk can create and use Saved Responses as replies to frequently asked queries, and enable Autoresponder, which will send automated replies to guest messages received after the center’s working hours.

Supported Regions

Connect is currently supported in USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Before You Begin

  • To enable Connect, contact Zenoti Support.
    Note: Connect requires a landline number to send and receive text messages.  If a landline number exists, Zenoti will verify the number to setup Connect. Mobile and VOIP numbers are not supported

Depending on your requirement, you can configure Connect in one of the following ways:

  • If you use a call center to manage guests and their bookings across multiple centers from a single location, you can use this setup for Connect. Employees of the call center can access the Appointment Book for all the centers and manage guest calls or text messages for booking and rescheduling appointments.
  • You can set up Connect for a franchise, when you need to only manage the guests of your individual center. This way, your employees will use Connect to manage calls and text messages for booking and rescheduling appointments for guests of only your center.
  • Ensure that you enable the Allow to text guests permission for authorized employees from Admin > Organization > Security Roles > User > Guest Manager.

Launch Connect

You can launch Connect from the following screens:

  • Appointment Book : In case your guest has not confirmed an appointment or is running late, then you can launch the Connect from the Appointment Book to inquire about the status.
    Note: The Connect icon in the Appointment Book does not show the count of unread messages.

       Also, after you book an appointment for a guest, you can access Connect
       from the context menu of that appointment by clicking Send a Text.

  • Opportunities: Launch Connect from the opportunities page to follow up about a sale or a guest inquiry.
    Navigate to center level > Sales > Opportunities > Opportunity Title > General Tab, to find the Connect icon. 
  • Feedback: If your guest leaves a negative feedback or was not happy with a service, then you can launch Connect from the guest feedback page to collect more details about the feedback.
    Navigate to center level > Loyalty > Issue Tracking > Guest Name, to find the Connect icon. 
  • Guest Profile: You can also launch Connect from the guest profile, to fill the details about the guest or to confirm some details with the guest.
    Note: If you are creating a new guest profile, fill all the mandatory fields. 
  • Zenoti Mobile: You can launch Connect from the Appointment Book on the Zenoti Mobile. 

Understand the Layout

Connect consists of a search bar, a conversation filter, and two panes.

  • Search Bar: Use the search bar to search for the guest you want to send the text messages to.
  • Conversation Filter: By default, Connect displays All conversations. To view Read or Unread conversations, select the appropriate filter.
  • Left Pane: Lists all the guests whom you had a conversation with, or received a message from.
  • Right Pane: Displays all the transactional and direct messages with the selected guest. The right pane consists of the following:-  
    a) Guest Name: Displays the name of the guest that you are communicating with. b) Link to profile: Link to open the guest profile.
    c) Saved Responses: Use this to manage Saved Responses.
    d) Message Box: A text area where you can enter your message and a button           to send the message. Refer to the screenshot for details.

Get Started with Connect

After Zenoti Support enables Connect for your organization, you can do the following:

  1. Work with Connect
  2. Set Autoresponder for after business hours replies
  3. Add or Edit a Saved Response
  4. Zenoti Mobile: Using Connect
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