The Kiosk allows your walk-in guests to book appointments or check themselves into existing appointments using an iPad. This frees up the front desk, who can then concentrate on better guest service. 

Use Kiosk in the following ways: 

  • With the Appointment Book: The guests can check themselves into the existing appointments when they arrive at your center. 

  • With the Queue: The guests can book services and assign themselves to a virtual queue. They can see the estimated wait times for the services to begin.

Here is how Kiosk works

To set up the Kiosk

  1. Check the hardware requirements for the Kiosk

  2. Enable Kiosk at the organization level

  3. Enable Kiosk at the center level

  4. Configure Kiosk at the center level

After you enable Kiosk and configure it, your guests can use the Kiosk to:

  • Book a service and optionally select a provider

  • View the current position in the queue along with the estimated wait time for service to begin

  • Check-in as a group

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