Disclaimer: Zenoti Connect is rebranded as ezConnect. You can launch it on the iPad through a browser by navigating to https://<orgname>.zenoti.com/ezconnect.

Alternatively, you can continue to use Zenoti Connect as the primary mode of communication with guests by tapping the Connect icon on the Appointment screen of Zenoti Mobile.


Connect is a business texting platform that allows you to do the following from a single window: 

  • Follow up with guests on their appointments (such as appointment confirmation, reschedules, cancellation, and intimation of provider unavailability)

  • View the total number of unread conversations

  • Send or respond to a guest’s text message 

  • View the conversation history with a guest

  • Filter conversation by read, unread, or all messages

  • Mark a conversation as unread

  • Create a new guest profile when you receive a message from a new number (not associated with any of your existing guests)

The Connect icon is visible in the Appointment Book only if it is enabled for your organization, or center, and your role.

Before you Begin

To access Connect you must ensure: 

  • Connect and text messaging are enabled for your organization or center
    Note: Connect is currently supported in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. If you are from these regions and want to enable Connect, contact Zenoti Support. 

Working with Connect

To launch Connect, tap the Connect icon in the Appointment screen.

Note: Users with no or restricted access cannot use Connect outside the geofence using Zenoti Mobile. 


Connect consists of the following:

  1. Search Bar: Use the search bar to search for the guest you want to send the text messages to. Important: You can only search for guests who belong to your center or have received a message from your center. You cannot search for guests who belong to other centers.

  2. Conversation Filter: By default, Connect displays all the conversations. Use the filter to view only Read, Unread, or All conversations.Note: You can choose to mark any conversation as unread. Marking a conversation as unread serves as a visual reminder for you to respond to the guest at a later time. The total number of unread messages appear on top of the Connect icon when you log in to the appointment book. For example, in the following image, if there are 3 unread messages, the number 3 in a red bubble appears on top of the Connect icon. 

  3. Left Pane: Lists all guests who have received messages from your center. If you select a guest from this list, the right pane displays the conversation history.

  4. Right Pane: Displays all the transactional and direct messages of the selected guest. This pane also has a messaging box that you can use to enter the text message to be sent to the guest. The right pane consists of the following:

  5. Guest Name: Displays the name of the guest that you are communicating with.

  6. Message Box: A text area that you can enter your message and send the message.

  7. Add a New Guest: If you receive a text from a number that is not associated with any guest at your center, you will see an option +Guest that you can use to create a new guest profile.

Features in Zenoti Connect

Autoresponder: When configured and enabled at the organization level allows Zenoti to send an automated response. This response is received by guests who send messages to your center after the center’s working hours.
Important: The autoresponder detects and sends messages based on your center’s non-operational hours and holidays.
When you log in to Zenoti Mobile and are ready to reply to the incoming texts, you can choose to turn off the autoresponder. However, if you tap Turn Off in the Connect screen, you cannot turn it on using Zenoti Mobile.  

Saved Replies: Saved Responses are messages which you can create and send as commonly-used replies to your guests. To know more, read: Create and Use Saved Replies in Connect


1. Can I send messages to any guest?
   Yes. You can send messages to any guest registered at your center using
   Zenoti Mobile. If you receive a text from a number that is not associated with
   any guest at your center, you can reply to the message and using that
   number you can create a new guest.  

2. Can I mark a conversation as unread?
    Yes. You can mark a conversation as unread. Tap a conversation in the left
    pane and swipe left. The Mark as Unread option appears.

   Tap Mark as Unread.
   The conversation is marked as unread and a red dot appears on the guest’s
   name in the left pane. 

3.  I am unable to send text messages to a guest.
     You will not be able to send text messages to a guest if:
         - The guest opts out of receiving transactional text messages
         - There is no mobile number associated with the guest.  
4. The search results do not show the guest I am looking for.
     Using Connect, you can only search for guests who belong to your center or have
     received a message from your center. You cannot search or message guests who
     belong to other centers.
5. Does Connect display all messages sent to the guest?
    No. Connect does not display the following:
      - Marketing messages
      - One time password (OTP)
      - Forgot Password text Connect displays only direct or transactional messages
        sent to the guest.  
6. If a guest replies to an appointment confirmation message, will it show up in
    conversation history?
    Yes. If a guest replies with the appointment confirmation text, it will show up in the
    conversation history. Learn more about appointment confirmation text here.      
    Example: If you set the appointment confirmation text as Yes, and if a guest replies  
   Yes to an appointment confirmation message, the reply Yes shows up in the
   conversation history. Note: When a guest replies with a confirmation, Connect, by
   default, marks the reply as Read. Any reply other than the confirmation text, shows
   up as unread.  

7. If a guest replies to marketing messages, will it show up in conversation history?    
    Yes. If a guest replies to a marketing message, it will show up in the conversation
    history. Note: You can only see the guest's reply to a marketing message. Connect
    does not show the marketing message in the conversation history.

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