A guest can redeem a gift card when purchasing products or services.

To redeem a gift card

1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.
   The appointment page appears.

2. Tap the appointment for which you have to take payment and tap Proceed for

    The Take Payment screen appears and displays the total invoice
    amount and various payment methods.

3. Tap Gift Card/Prepaid Card. The Gift Card screen appears and shows the total invoice amount in the Pay field.

4. Tap the gift card icon.
    Note: The gift card icon will not appear if there is no gift card available for a
    guest. Gift cards are available when a guest purchases it.     

   The Gift Cards screen appears showing guest’s gift cards and the balances of
   each gift card.
   Hint: If your guest provides you the gift card number, you can enter it manually
   in the Card Number field. To check the balance for a gift card go to the Gift
   Cards window (Gift card icon > Gift Cards window).
   Note: There are gift cards which are redeemable only at the center where they were
   sold. You can see the name of the center where the guest can redeem the credits in
   the Gift Card screen.    
5. Tap Use against the gift card that the guest prefers to redeem.The gift card number automatically populates in the Card Number field. 

6. Tap Apply. The balance is redeemed and the ‘Gift Card Applied Successfully’ message appears.
Hint: If you want to discard the changes for any reason, tap Unapply. The gift card number is removed from the Card# field. 


1. Can I redeem a gift card across any center?

   Your guests can redeem gift cards across the centers only if the setting, Enable
    cross center redemptions for gift cards is enabled at the organization level (Admin
   > Organization > Organizations > Settings > General section).

    If this setting is not enabled, gift credit redemptions are restricted to the center
    where it was sold. Thereby, allowing you to increase the gift card sales for your
     center. Such gift cards appear with message that they only redeemable at specific

2. Can a guest redeem a gift card partially?

    Yes. If your guest prefers, you can edit the amount to be redeemed in the Pay
    field in the Gift Card tab. For example, for an invoice of $105, your guest wants
    to redeem $60 from the gift card and pay the rest in cash. In that case, change
    the payable amount to $60 and complete the payment. After redeeming the
    gift card Zenoti shows the Take Payment screen. Collect the remaining amount
    by cash and close the invoice.

3. Can a guest use a gift card to pay the Other Fee?

Yes. A guest can use a gift card without tax to pay towards the Other Fee.

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