You can sell gift cards to a guest using Zenoti Mobile from POS or during check out. A guest can use this card to redeem when purchasing services and products.  

Before you Begin

To be able to sell gift cards, you must:  

To sell a gift card

1. Tap POS from the Zenoti Mobile menu.

    The POS Invoices screen appears.

2. Tap + in the top right corner. 

    The Guest screen appears. 

3. Enter the guest’s name in the search box and then tap to select the name from
    the list.

    Note: If you want to add a new guest, tap + on the top right corner of the
    Guest screen and proceed with the steps to create a new guest using Zenoti

   The Products tab appears by default in the Add More screen.

4. Tap the Gift Cards tab.
    The Create Gift card screen appears. 

5. Do the following:

  1. Card#: Zenoti auto-generates a unique card number if the organization level setting to auto-number the gift card is enabled.
    Note: To modify the auto-generated card number, tap Card#, and then edit. If you don’t see a number, then enter the card number manually

  2. Price ($): Enter the gift card price. Price is the amount for which you sell the card to a guest (excluding taxes, if any).
    Note: If you have enabled allow sale of gift cards inclusive of tax, the price you see will be inclusive of tax.

  3. Value: By default, Zenoti auto-populates the Value field with the same number entered in the Price field. However, if you have required permission, you can change the value of the gift card.
    Note: If the setting allow sale of gift cards inclusive of tax, is enabled, Zenoti automatically calculates the tax amount and adjusts the value.
    Example: If a guest pays $100 for a gift card and the tax is charged at 10%, in the process of selling the gift card, Zenoti automatically creates a gift card of value $90. This means, a guest pays $100 and receives the value of $90 for a gift card after tax deduction.

  4. (Optional) Expiry Days: Tap to select one of the following:
     i. Days: Set the number of days within which the gift card should expire
         and tap Done.
    ii Date: Select an expiry date and tap Done.
         Note: If you do not set any expiry, the Expiry status appears as 'Never' which
         means the gift card will never expire.

  5. (Optional) Recipient: Enter the gift card recipient’s name in the Search a Guest window and then tap the name to select. If the recipient is a new guest, tap +New Guest (on the top right corner) to add the guest details.
    : If you do not select a recipient, Zenoti considers the guest who purchases the gift card as the recipient of the gift card.  

  6. Occasion: From the drop-down list, select the occasion of gifting.

  7. (Optional) One Time Use: Turn on the option to set the gift card as a one-time use card. Such cards are usable only once and any balance amount on the card automatically lapses after the first use. By default, this setting is turned off.
    Note: Your admin can turn on the org level setting, if your organization sells 'single use' gift cards.

  8. (Optional) Send an email to recipient: Depending on the guest preference select to mail a recipient now or at a later date:
       i. Now: Zenoti sends out an email to the recipient immediately after closing
         the invoice.
       ii. Later: Use this option if the guest wants to send an email on a specific
          date to match the occasion of gifting, such as birthday, anniversary date.

  9. Sold By: From the drop-down list, tap the name of the employee who sold the gift card.

  10. (Optional) +Notes: You can tap and enter any notes related to the sale. 

  11. Tap Add. The gift card is added to the invoice. 

  12. Take payment and close the invoice.
    The gift card purchased appears in the Gift Card window for the guest. 


1. What should we enter for Card# if our center sells physical gift cards?

   You can either type in the Card number printed on the physical gift card or use
   a card reader to scan the number. Zenoti has the capability to scan barcodes    
   from a gift card. The bar code must be of 2D-scannable format. The barcodes
   can be of maximum 16 digits to be compatible with Zenoti.

 2. What is the difference between 'Expiry' and 'One Time Use'?

    The 'Expiry' field allows you to determine the validity period of the gift card. A guest
    can use the card multiples times till they redeem the full value of the card.  At
    the end of validity period, the amount lapses and the card becomes invalid. 

    The 'One Time Use' field allows the recipient to use the card only once within
    the validity period. If the recipient does not fully redeem the card, the unused
    amount or services/day packages go wasted.

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