Add-ons are additional services associated with the main service. A guest cannot book an add-on separately. The Add-on option appears only if the service has an add-on assigned to it at the organization level when you are booking an appointment.
Note: When you add an add-on, its duration (if configured) is also added to the duration of the main service. 

Before you Begin

An add-on is available for a service only if you do the following at the organization level:

  1. Create add-ons in Zenoti by selecting the This service is an Add-on checkbox in the General tab when you create a service. (Admin > Resources > Services > Add > General tab)
    Note: The duration for the add-on is based on the Additional Service Time configured in the General tab while creating an add-on. The duration of an add-on appears in the Add-ons window when you select an add-on for a service.

  2. Assign the add-on to a service 

To select an add-on when booking an appointment

1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu and tap the + sign.

Important: The + sign appears only if you have the required permissions.

The Search a Client screen appears.

2. Enter the guest’s name in the search bar and then tap the guest’s name. 

    Zenoti adds the guest’s name to the Appointment.

3. Tap Add Service and select the service the guest wants.
    The service is added to the appointment. 

4. Do the following:

    On the left pane:

  • +Add On (Optional): Add an add-on 

  • Therapist (Optional): Choose a provider based on the guest’s preference

  • Duration (Optional): Modify the duration of the service

  • Room (Optional): Choose a room to perform the service

  • +Add Service (Optional): Add more services

    On the right pane:

  • Modify the appointment date (Optional)

  • Select a time slot for the appointment

    5. Tap +Add On. 

     The Add-ons window appears and shows the add-ons with and without
     Note: The duration for an add-on appears in the Add-ons window only if it is
     configured at the organization level.

     6.  Tap the desired add-on. The add-on is selected. 

     7. Close the Add-ons window.
        The add-on is added to the service. 

     8. (Optional) To add more add-ons, repeat steps 4 to 6.
     9. (Optional) By default, Zenoti assigns any available provider for a service. If
         the guest has a provider preference, select a provider type accordingly.
     10. Tap to select the time slot.
           The appointment confirmation screen appears.
     11. Tap Confirm Appointment.
          Zenoti books the appointment and displays it in the Appointments screen.

In Zenoti Mobile, the +Add-ons option also appears in the Appointment Details screen for a booked appointment. To add the add-on for a booked appointment, repeat steps 5 to 7. 

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