Zenoti Mobile allows you to collect payment using zip. You can integrate Zenoti with zip and use it as a custom payment option.
Note: Zip is available only in Australia.

To take payments using zip on Zenoti Mobile

Do the following after you mark an appointment as Complete:

  1. Tap Proceed for Payment.

      The Take Payment screen opens.
  2. Select Custom as the payment type.

      The Custom payment screen opens.
  3. Select zip from the drop-down list.

     The Store Code field appears.

4. Request the guest to share the Store Code.
    The guest can do any of the following on a mobile device to share the
     in-store code: 

  • Web Wallet:
      a. Navigate to https://zip.co
      b. Log in to the account.
      c. Select Shop In-store option from the main menu.
          Zip pay generates the In-store code.
      d. Share the In-store code.

  • Mobile App:
    a. Log in to the app.
    b. Tap In-Store on the main menu.
         Zip pay generates the In-store code.
    c. Share the In-store code.

5.  Enter the in-store code on the Custom payment screen.

6. Check the invoice amount and tap Collect.
    Payment confirmation screen opens on the guest’s mobile device.
7. Request the guest to Confirm to authorize the payment.
    Zenoti closes the invoice automatically after you receive the payment.

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