Important: Make sure you have set up the required configurations and enabled the membership sales in the Webstore catalog, to allow your guests to purchase a Membership.

To purchase a membership in Webstore

  1. Note: The guest performs these actions.

  2. Navigate to the Webstore.
    The Webstore opens.

  3. Click Memberships on the main menu.
    Note: The text for the membership icon on the main menu is configurable as per the business requirements.

    The Membership page opens.

    Note: The guest can purchase a recurring membership only if the card is saved on file and if the payment processor is enabled.

  4. Select a Membership from the list.

    Note: Certain memberships might require the guest to agree to your terms and conditions. Your guest can click Agree to the Terms and Conditions link to read and agree to the terms. If the guest does not read the terms and conditions in this page, then after the selection of a membership plan, the guest will see a pop up of the terms and conditions. 

  5. The guest must click Agree to proceed.    

    The Cart is updated with membership and price information.


    • After a guest purchases a membership, they can download the T&C for the membership from Webstore V2 by going to the guest profile, and then clicking the Memberships tab. The guest can then refer to the terms and conditions when they require.

    • If you enable this function at the organization level, the guest will also receive a copy of the T&C in an email as a PDF. . To enable this, at the organization level, navigate to Admin > Organizations > Email/Texts, and locate the Mobile/Webstore section. Switch on the Memberships Terms & Conditions Guest Copy template, and then click Save.

  6. Click Continue to Checkout.

    The Sign In page opens, if the guest is not already signed in.

  7. Enter the email id or the phone number and click Next.
    Review Order page opens.

  8. Optionally the guest can add a new payment method.

  9. Click Save Card to save the payment method.

    Review Order page reappears.

  10. Click Place Order

    Thank You page opens.

    Thank You page for the purchase of memberships is different to the Thank You page for the purchase of the services. You must ensure that you configure the HTML for the Thank You page and insert it in the Webstore settings, in the Membership Sales section.
    For membership sale invoices from Webstore that are in an open (unpaid) state:
    a. Guests are not considered active members.
    b. Your guests cannot redeem membership benefits even if the Enable
    Redemptions on Open memberships
    setting is enabled.

    Your guest has successfully purchased a Membership plan.

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