Vendor account number is a unique identifier for each center to which the vendor is supplying the products. In case of a franchise model of business, all the franchisees share the same business name. The vendor need to know which franchises is raising a purchase order and deliver the products to the correct franchisee.

Also, in case of a non-corporate office model of business where each center raise and receive orders individually, the vendor account number is required to differentiate each such centers. 

In Zenoti, you can enter the vendor-assigned reference number for each center, which gets populated on purchase orders done from each such centers.

To enter the vendor-assigned reference number for a center

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Resources > Vendors.

  3. Select the desired vendor.

4. Click the Centers tab.

5. Enter the account number for each center in the respective Account Number field.
    Note: You can enter both alphabets and  numbers in the Account Number field. 

6. Click Finish.
For each center, the vendor assigned reference number is updated on all the purchase orders created or even raised from the center. 

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