If your business operates on a franchise model where your centers have their own identity, center owners may want to include their own logos on receipts to create brand awareness. These logos are different from company logos you may have at the organization level

To add your center’s logo to receipts

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon. Navigate to Set Up > Image Gallery

  2. Click Add

  3. Click Select to upload your logo.
    Note: Maximum file size 3 MB

  4. Enter a name for your logo in the Save File as box.
    You can see your image in the Image Gallery with an Image URL.
    Note: This image is available for other centers to use; you can also view it from the organizational level from Admin > Setup > Image Gallery

    5. Click Copy Link.
    6. Go to Centers > General tab.
         Locate an Optional field that is empty or not used.
     7. Paste the Iink you copied from the Image Gallery in an Optional field.
         Example: Optional field 5.
     8. Make a note of the corresponding custom macro.
         Example: CustomMacro5
     9. Switch to the organization level and go to Admin > Organizations >                                 Organization> Emails/Text tab.
     10. In the Configuration section, click Edit for Customer Email Receipt Header.
     11.  Drag and drop the appropriate Custom macro into the template.
     12. Click Source.
     13. Change the HTML code for the image, so that Zenoti pulls the image you                       uploaded earlier. 

<p style="text-align:center,"><img src="[CustomMacro5]"/></p>

Your receipt header will appear with your center’s logo.

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