You can choose to tie your cash registers to computers or to logged in users based on a few considerations.

If you choose to tie a cash register to a computer, Zenoti connects any user who logs in to the computer automatically to the same cash register. If you are a busy center with multiple computer terminals to collect payments, it makes sense to tie a cash register to a computer. This is because your front desk personnel may not always be at the computer, they may move around your center to ensure your business runs smoothly. Other personnel must be in a position to take payments from the same computer. As a result, your center can process a higher volume of payments faster and more efficiently. 

If you choose to tie a cash register to the logged-in user, Zenoti connects the user to the authorized cash register. In this case, each authorized user is tied to a particular cash register.  If you are a smaller center and have a dedicated front desk staff, it makes sense to tie a cash register to the logged in user. If the front desk staff needs to collect payment from another computer, she must log off from the first computer and log into the second one to access the cash register from this other computer or terminal. 

To tie a cash register to a computer or to a logged-in user

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations > Settings.

  3. Expand Invoice and Receipt and scroll down to Invoice Settings

  4. Locate the setting, Auto select cash register, and select one of the following options:
    a) Based on logged-in user
    b) Based on machine used

  5. Click Save.
    Zenoti automatically selects the cash register based on the logged in user or the computer (PC) based on your selection in step 3. 

For example, if you tie cash registers to a computer (PC, machine, terminal), the first time a user logs into the computer, she will see the following message:

The user selects the checkbox (see screenshot above) to set Cash Register 1 as the default for that computer. Thereafter, the selected cash register is used to track all transactions made from that computer.
Note: The user can click the Change link to change the default cash register for the computer. 

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