If you are at the front desk you most likely answer guest queries related to providers during your workday. Guests may want to know whether a particular provider can perform a service or they may want to cross-check prices of one provider versus another. Or, they may simply want to know how long a set of two or three services will take. 

You can answer all such queries quickly and confidently with a single click. Guests are delighted and it helps build client confidence in your business. 

To view provider details

  1. On the Appointment Book, click against the name of any provider.

  2. Select View Details from the context menu.
    You can see a list of services and add-ons the provider can perform. You can also see the time it takes to perform the service and the price. 

Note: The time and the prices that appear, take into account the following factors:
a) Time scaling (junior providers may take more time to provide the same service)
b) Demand pricing
c) Price scaling 

If a service has segments, the time for each segment appears in brackets. Note that the asterisk mark (*) against a segment indicates that it is processing time.

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